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Thread: Some people have too much money

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    My wife, Mary, (an arteeest) still shakes her head in disbelief at stuff like this. However, the artist doesn't care as he laughs all the way to the bank. Now, what was it that P.T. Barnum is credited for saying (but didn't actually)?? "there's a sucker born every minute". Give me a painting of a Coke bottle any day. - Bob
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    ... did the "great American" abstract painters really knew what they doing, or lived to profit from their work? some did and it, abstraction, can never happen again, and that's what lures fortunes to grab a piece whenever it comes up for sale. It's a piece of an era that catapulted American painting ahead of what previously had been happening on the continent.
    Title: Eight Elvises
    Sold, 2008; $100,000,000

    Title: 200 One Dollar Bills
    Purchase price, 1986, $385,000
    Sold, 2009; $43, 800,000

    Big Campbell?s Soup Can with Can Opener (Vegetable)
    Sold, 2012; $23,800,000

    You can probably guess the name of the artist.
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    And the problem remains that a piece of art? Cannot be ridden down the road. Go figure? I think, especially today considering what's happening to the value of the American dollar, if one has A ton of cash, collecting stuff, art, muscle cars, really rare bikes, real estate, land/farms, makes more sense than parking dollars in the Caimans. Precious metal also comes to mind. Pop art is another strange place including theory about the nature or meaning of art? Gotta admit it, these guys certainly knew how to hustle, and they hustle where the cash is. Remember what happened to the art when Rome fell? They took the horses, sacked the rest, so to speak. Tongue slightly in cheek.

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    Then there's pro athletes and rock stars.I always thought,what with Bono hob nobbing with heads of state and so on,that he could buy a small African country and feed everyone in it ,rather than resorting to the guilt trip.Maybe a large African country.
    Sometimes,nothing is a real cool hand.

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    Multiple examples of six zeroes too many throughout the thread. The OP definitely got the title correct as far as it went. A better title might be some people have too much money and too little brains.
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    Smile File It Under:

    If you have to ask,
    you just don't understand.

    The fact of art is that it's subjective. It's meant to evoke emotion...
    Can't argue that this piece has certainly succeeded with the MOA crew!
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    It's not only people who buy art.

    Someone just paid $175,000 for a superman comic book. It wasn't even in perfect condition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyjo View Post
    It's not only people who buy art.

    Friend of mine sold his RC30 for $50,000.-

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