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Thread: tank bag for K1200RS

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    tank bag for K1200RS

    Seeking recommendations for tank bag for '99 K1200RS. Have searched the threads and unsure whether recommendations for other models will work with my bike (can you tell I am a newbie?). Thanks

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    Well, you can count on the notion that the bag from BMW was made for the bike.

    Most but possibly not all others are "universal" bags which usually means problems and compromises.

    People are different, but I wouldn't consider for a nanosecond anything but the BMW product.
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    I just traded in my '04 K1200RS and had the BMW tank bag on it the entire time. Only way to go in my opinion.
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    I happened to come across an used BMW tank bag for the RS. It is a good product, versatile and well made. With the multiple zip together components you can make it into the bag you need at the moment. The down side is that the rubber padding strips on the bottom break down and come loose and are difficult to re adhere. I have yet to find a long lasting method. The last effort lasted the best and that was using double stick carpet tape.

    IMHO it is worth searching out.

    I leave the mounting points on the bike all the time. The rear ones do get mashed around some but not a problem in riding. I use the bag about 1-2 /yr only when I am needing more space than I have in the bags and on the rear rack/tail bag.

    Still I find when the bag is on on anything other than its lower configuration it is high enough to rest your chest on while riding. That is good and bad depending upon your riding style for where your are.

    On the other hand I have a magnetic mini bag for another bike that is big enough for office keys, phone, wallet, check book, ear plugs and a few other small things like that. That bike has no bags or rack so this just works for those daily things. It is far easier to use as far as moving out the way to fill up the tank, remove from the bike etc.

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    Tank bag preferences are very subjective. I have used 4 different brands, and they all have their pros and cons, but BMW bags have the most elegant attachment systems.

    I would suggest a BMW bag, with at least one external pocket.

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    Tank Bag

    The BMW tank bag made for the K1200RS is the only way to go in my opinion. It fits the bike perfectly with no scratches. I keep mine on the bike all the time and I am on my 13 season . I have other tank bags on other models in the past but they do not fit as well as the one made for the bike.

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