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Thread: Stereo reciever for my bike??

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    Question Stereo reciever for my bike??

    Looking for a small FM receiver (wired to the bike's electrcal system) that I can mount via Velcro or RAM and then use hard wire to my helmet speakers. Saw the Jensen JHD910 (?). Any comments or suggestions? FM stereo is the only thing important to me, as I don't have an mp3 or similar device, and don't plan on one soon. It must have a mini head phone jack capable of puting the sound to the head phone jack on my Scala system.

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    The Jensen seems to be the popular model sold for motorcycles. To look at a few more that may interest you, I'd suggest a look at the West Marine website for the marine configurations. You will need to mount an antenna on this kind of installation. I did buy an IPod with the FM receiver and it's "ok". you will get more performance from the full size radios.
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