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It was just the bike's way of telling you to "buy something else, we don't need your kind 'round here."

BTW, I'm working the registration desk at the rally in Salem and will be keeping a close eye out for RS and former S owners. There will be S Conversion Kits available for RS owners. I haven't decided how I will react to to meeting a former S owner. Might be something like but more likely it'll be, "Let's go for a beer. You're buying."
Took the bike home today. Shifts are highly more precise. I went through early service records and in the margins someone had written " customer feels shifting is harder than it should be " and later, " shifting from 1st to 2nd sometimes difficult". This was in the first 5,000 miles. I'm thinking it would have failed early but both the first owner and I are pretty gentle on the bike.

Anyway - the bike is very happy now, and the honda is sulking.

Thanks everyone!