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Thread: 2001 R1150 GS - Clutch / Transmission Failure at 14,500 miles

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    Not getting the picture.

    1. Running in neutral - whine or no whine?
    2. Shifted into first gear, engine off, not touching clutch lever - does trying to rock the bike feel like it's trying to turn the engine over or is it disconnected so pushing is easy?
    3. Same question in second gear?

    If pushing is easy in first with the clutch lever out, I'm not believing an oily disk is the culprit. Way to much pressure plate spring. Something is broken.

    I don't know this clutch disk is manufactured but I have seen riveted hub broken out and spinning in a car clutch disk. Might make a whine.

    If something broke, considering the misalignment problem some of these models had, it would be wise to look into WHY something broke.
    I went to the trouble of tearing my 2001 down just to check the spline lube. At 60,000 miles the shaft was like new. Fortunately I didn't get one of the bad ones.
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