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Thread: New member from Carmichael, CA.

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    Arte Johns son

    New member from Carmichael, CA.


    I bought a used 2006 R1200RT last month, and I've really been enjoying it. I had been waiting on BMW to release the F800GT, but was rather underwhelmed, to say the least. I was a little nervous about the seat height of the RT, but it is so well-balanced it is completely not a problem.

    I've been riding since the Nixon Administration, and commute every day, rain or shine on the bike. I just love it.



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    Welcome John!

    Its nice to see another Cap City person on here. There are several of us around; I live out in Placer County. I've been riding for over a year now with an 07 RT, and its great! Like you, I ride every day once the weather turns decent. Rain doesn't bother me, but ice does, and since I commute up into the hills, when its raining down here, it is often snowing or icy up there. Perhaps I'll see you around...

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    Greetings and welcome from up in the wine country.

    I am a brick rider myself, but a R1200 is a sweet machine. My first bike was a boxer and I still miss it after twenty years. Nothing like a boxer engine.
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    Arte Johns son
    Thanks, David & A B!

    My first ride was up through Auburn to GV to Bridgeport and back down. I have always loved that country...



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