2009 G650GS spoke wheels just changed the tires (first time) from tourances to tkc-80 but now ABS don't work. Start the bike and ABS flashes (normal) then roll a bit and it goes out. but keep going and it will come on solid. If in the between time (before it goes solid) you use use the back break you can feel the "thunk thunk thunk" of the ABS immediately and utterly no breaking. Then the ABS switches to solid light and the breaks don't cut out any more. but no abs.

I did pump the breaks after getting the wheels back on. and on the front I took the sensor off of the bracket before taking the wheel off. I didn't do this on the back so I don't know if that is an issue.

has anyone got any ideas if there is anything I can check for a initial diagnosis? the nearest dealer is 3 hours away.