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Thread: New member from Orchard Park New York

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    Cool New member from Orchard Park New York

    Hello to everyone! Would like to introduce myself, i ride two K's, 85 K100RT 72k (just restored), and a 94 K1100LT which i purchased 2 years ago an is down for much needed maintenance before heading to Americade.
    I do have a question for all of you who are in the know: where in the world do I get a new Crankcase Vent (this starts at the rear of the engine and travels through the air box) the manuals and micro-fiche seem to leave this part out of their lists?
    I was just going to call Max BMW or BobsBMW unless someone has a better solution...thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to the forum! How's the riding in/around western New York? Looks like Americade is in your neck of the woods...should be a nice ride.

    Be sure and wander down to the K-Bike forum to pose your question about the crankcase vent. That's where you should get some great technical help!
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