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Thread: Tire pressure sensors......

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    Tire pressure sensors......

    I am having my new tires put on my 2007 F800st and my front tire pressure sensor is bad. I'm having both sensors replaced and I was wondering if I needed to go to a BMW dealership to have them reprogramed? I have sensors on my car and when one was replaced all they said to do was to drive 15 minutes and the TPS module would reprogram the new sensor by itself....Does this hold true for my F800st? I need to know quick because I'm leaving on a 5 day trip a week from now and my mechanic is doing the tires in the next day or two.

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    Registering Tire Pressure Sensor

    I just looked in the service manul and it is a simple bolt on apllication to change the sensor, but to register to the bikes computer you need to find a BMW dealer to do this. This is just a plug and play for them so they won't charge much if anything to do this.
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