I would love input from RT riders that switched to scooter, or those who ride both. After a rocky start with "teething" defects, my scooter is running. My dealer has been very accommodating and I have been thinking about "upgrading" to an RT and putting the scooter in my rear view mirror. For the last 3 years I have been exclusively on maxi scooters, "upgrading" from Bergman 650 to the BMW, and buying a world of trouble during the first 5 months of ownership. I ride every day the weather allows, mostly commuting and day tripping 80-100 miles in my beautiful backyard in the Pacific NW. The RT offers more power and torque at same weight, good weather protection, similar "bells and whistles", integrated cruise control, greater range, proven technology. The scooter is nimble, "shiftless" with cvt that works well, not completely trusted after 2 major electronic failures, saves me $12K to keep and ride. Your thoughts???