My dear wife bought a used F800ST a few years back. Almost immediately she mentioned it would stall when she was down shifting as she rode toward a traffic light that had changed to red. The stalling would not appear until she had been riding for more than an hour or so. We have had the bike in to have the problem fixed several times over the past few years. We have replaced a hose that sometimes collapses causing stalling and it still stalls. We have had injector cleaner run through the engine and it still stalls. Recently the problem has become more acute in that the bike stalls more frequently as you ride. And gets harder to restart after a stall. A couple of weeks ago it was at the dealer and they diagnosed a crankshaft sensor malfunction so that was replaced and it still stalls. The next attempt was to remove the canister attached to the fuel tank relief hose and it still stalls. I rode the bike this morning to see if the canister removal improved things. After 2 hours of riding and about 100 miles it stalled at a stop sign and continued to stall for the next hour until I made it home. One new symptom appears to be an electrical hiccup. Twice while attempting restart the instruments turn off completely. Just like the key was turned off. It only lasts about 3 to 5 seconds before it reinitiates (the speedo and tach flip all the way to the right) and then I was able to restart. But it kept stalling. I'm not sure the electrical symptom is related or just a mean-spirited coincidence. Anyone have any ideas?

I've read several threads on the stalling problem and don't see a common cause to any of them. We're quite frustrated by this and will probably trade the bike back to the dealer in the next few months. We were thinking of a F800GS or the F800GT but are concerned there may be stalling issues with any F800.