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Thread: Shinko tires

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfremder View Post
    The scary part is I had a set of those Firestone 500's that failed 35 years ago... Never bought another Firestone Product.
    We had them as OE on a new 74 Ford company car. All 5 of the tires failed. I have not had a Firestone tire since then.
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    I quit using Firestone tires about 25 years ago. Every Firestone tire that I had never got wore out, it always failed for one reason or another on what I considered a manufacturers defect. Of course, the dealer always claimed that I did something that caused the failure.
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    Well now this has switched lanes into a Firestone thread. All the American companies had issues when they tried to produce radials in the 70's. Gas was going up, and radials offer a clear economy advantage, the Europeans were making big strides into the US market, so the US companies tried to jump in with out the proper knowledge and techniques.

    I went to buy a set of radial tires in the 70's from a friend that owned a tire store (still in business too), and he said he would love to sell me a set, but he advised all his customers that were insistent on Radials to buy Michelin's, even though he wasn't a dealer. (Honesty and integrity is probably why the store is on its 4th generation of family operation!)

    I look at the Korean, Taiwan and China manufacturing the same way, they are walking, but still taking wobbly baby steps, which means they sometimes fall.
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    Shinko Podiums

    Just wanted to add another wrinkle.
    I got the bike out after a long winter's nap the other day and went down scenic 10 in Oklahoma.
    The Podiums felt weird and I took an early fuel stop.
    I felt of the tire surface with my fingers and nails.
    They had developed a slick "skin" sitting in the garage a few months and needed another scrubbing in as if they were new again.
    Weird. Wasn't a big problem for me since I was a little winter-wobbly anyway and taking it easy.
    Is this weird or just a sport tire thing? I wonder if anybody knows for sure, with the short wear life...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chewbacca View Post
    The pic is very curious. The pattern seemed to be in exactly the same symmetric place and the same shape. The only thing I can think of that would create a hole like that would be a bubble in the rubber, maybe. Sure didn't look like a chunk letting go. It almost looks like a spoon scooped out the rubber and then the edges just wore some. Strange.
    I thought it was strange, too and sent pics to the Shinko North American distributor.
    Never heard back from them.

    I think a partial cause may be the weight of the bike.
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    I don't trust Shinkos, no particular reason other than they haven't established a good reputation yet. I've had Metzler ME 880s and Michelin PR2 & currently PR3 on the 1150 with 14,000 miles (with DynaBeads), no cupping and lots more life in them. When they finally wear out, it will be another set of PR3s. They stick in the curves whether its hot or cold. Why would anyone go with an unknown like Shinko?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhgilbert View Post
    They stick in the curves whether its hot or cold.
    That's one thing I liked about the PR/2's and also the Continental Hyper Road Attack 2 - they didn't need a careful scrubbing in and the didn't need any warm-up. They felt the same in all kinds of conditions.

    I bought the Shinkos to save money, and that they do very well. I got both tires for less than I would pay for one of the PR2s.

    I have roughly 4000 miles on the Podiums now. They are wearing evenly and the dry grip is very good; good enough for my skillset anyway.
    I even noticed some backward feathering on the front tread which I associated with (gasp) late braking in the corners.
    I ride for fun so my current policy is I just don't ride in the rain. The tread pattern pretty much looks like an afterthought on these.

    Frankly the best tire I have ever tried was the Michelin Pilot Road 2, I can recommend it without reservation. I think these were on when I made my no-more-rain resolution which had more to do with being sick and trying to keep up with Buzz doing 80 in the middle of Oklahoma City in a typhoon.
    Had no issues with the tires.

    The PR3 is supposed to be even better in the rain.

    Look, I'm as superstitious as anybody about tires. If I'm going on a multi-thousand miler with a group, with an itenerary, rain or shine, then I want the Michelins on there.

    I'm having a lean year and can't afford a long trip anyway, so, well, the Podiums are working for me.

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    160/60 18 Storm II Ultra still sitting in the shed waiting for a rear tire to wear out when I'm actually near home.
    Never seems to work out that way. Just replaced it's mate on the front and a Michelin PR 2 which was on the rear. They both got to the wear bars during my last ride and the rear was sporting two plugs to boot. Got 6000 miles from the Avon front tire and 9000 miles from the Michelin rear tire. Pretty darn good run IMO.

    I'm sticking with the Michelin PR 2 on my RT for the foreseeable future. They work really well in all conditions and seem the have the rubber compounds worked out for long life on the middle of the tire where it counts. With spring sales on $268 for a great pair of slippers is tough to beat.
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    Shinko Podium set just before vacation ride from Oregon to New Mexico. Got home and the rear tire was toast in just over 3000 miles. PR-3s are cheaper when you figure per mile costs of ownership.
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    I have used Ravens and Verge, on my 2002 RS. I ride year around, i sometimes corner hard, including occasionally touching a footpeg lightly if I hit a little dip or bump. They have never failed me. The Raven front is somewhat pressure sensitive, too much and it is twitchy, too little and it does not want to turn, will not change lines. The difference from one extreme to the other is only about 8 PSI. In a way it is good, I get early warning of a low front tire. I have ridden in rain, then the cold, in the hot summer, never an issue. I have another set waiting in the garage. If I was riding a long trip, I would start with a fresh set. I like them very much.

    I like the Ravens better than the Verge (shorter life), but optimum might be Raven rear and Verge front.

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    Shinko, and Firestone

    I bought a set of Shinko's for my 1959 R60 to get some modern rubber on an old bike. Yet to try them as it needs "some assembly". BTW I had the Explorer rollover set of Firestones on my 1994 and at 60K miles Firestone recalled them, I let them put on a second set of Firestone tires made at a different plant. No problem. At 110K Ford recalled the second set and put on another brand of tire. Sold the Explorer at 160K never having bought a tire and never having had any problem. Lucky eh?
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    check out some of the adv. rider forums about those shinkos. Their dual sport tires are a $60 imitation of the european tires and almost universally those riders said the Shinkos delam'd at speeds around 80.....not good.
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    If memory serves..........

    The word Shinko is Chinese for Cheap S**t

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    I got a pair of shenkos. They are great. I commute 40 miles through The Bronx and Queens
    everyday 10 months a year on my Panzer field gray 01 GS. Paid $170 for the pair and they are as good
    as my Tourances were for the previous 40K miles. Robust tread and good enough in the twisties.
    Made in China but seem good value to me.

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