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Thread: Death Valley

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    Death Valley

    Last week two friends and I made a trip to Death Valley. Because of the thunderstorm forecasts along Highway 395, week diverted into Nevada and stayed at Tonopah the first night. We then continued south and enterd DV via Beaty. We encountered ferocious south winds on the way down. We camped for three nights at the Texas Springs campground at Furnace Creek and spent two days seeing the sights in and around DV. With the weather improving to the west, we returned up Highway 395, staying at Walker, CA on the way back.

    Preparing to leave Sacramento

    Tonopah, NV, home of the Stealth

    Taking a break in Beaty, NV

    Entering Death Valley

    Camping at Furnace Creek

    Dinner and wine in camp with friend, John, who drove his Corvette over from Santa Maria to join us for one evening. Jorn was going to ride his Goldwing over, but the foul weather to the west changed his mind.

    John's new Corvette

    Rain storm to west of the Valley

    Visiting Scotty's Castle on north end of Valley

    Gate to Scotty's Castle

    Scotty's Castle

    Zabrinskie Point overlook of Death Valley

    Amargosa Inn and Opera House at Death Valley Junction

    Crowbar Grill in Shoshone. I was stranded here at the Crowbar with many other riders on the DV Double bicycle ride in 2000 due to freezing rains on Salsbury Pass. Less than 10% of riders got back over the pass back into DV that day and completed the ride.

    One of the low points

    At the Toiyabe Motel in Walker, CA

    At the Toiyabe Motel

    Helping out fellow travelers in Walker. A rider from SF found the gel battery on his 2008 RT completely dead in the morning. We gave him a jump. We also encountered the fellow on the big yellow Gold Wing the day before in Shoshone.

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    Nice pictures Dave. Looked like a very enjoyable ride. Something about 395 on the eastern side of the Sierra that has a beauty of it's own?

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    I will be heading over there on Tuesday, then staying in Beatty, on my way to Utah.
    It looks like good weather so far. Last November coming down from Fallon to Beatty and Death Valley I encountered super wind near Hawthorne.
    I can do without the wind.
    But it's all part of the experience, just like the rain.
    I have stayed at the Amargosa Hotel/Inn before. That place is haunted.
    But I decided on Beatty this time. That's where we usually stay in November.

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    The Amargosa is a funky place. I stayed there in 2000 when I did the DV double, and I heard music from somewhere half the night. This time we just stopped for coffee and to say hello. Not much has changed 13 years later.

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