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Thread: Oil cooling fan for a cooler cooler?????

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    Oil cooling fan for a cooler cooler?????

    I just read the ON article about installing an oil cooling fan (as on the R1150RT-P police bike) on the R1150RT. Seems to be such a good idea I have to wonder why it isn't a standard RT feature. The fan was installed with a thermocoupler in the oil line running into the cooler w/idiot light on the dash, but it seems to me a simple on/off switch would work as well. After all, we usually know when we're a little too hot and could switch on as needed.

    If anyone has experience with this modification I'd like to hear about it, how it's working, expense, etc. Any opinions or comments also welcome.

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    I wondered if the fan as installed would reduce airflow thru the oil cooler when not in use?
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    I wondered about obstructed airflow also.

    It must not be a problem with the police bikes, though. Otherwise there's be a lot of overheated cops on the sidelines instead of in the streets. (g)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GWr
    Seems to be such a good idea I have to wonder why it isn't a standard RT feature.
    Because it isn't required except in unusual circumstances.

    For bikes without, BMW recommendation is to limit idling while not moving to 30 minutes. That's pretty good.

    Police bike will possibly idle longer, and could idle faster with use of throttle screw to make the juice for radios, lights, etc.

    You don't need it.

    Use synthetic oil.
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    Limiting idling time is ok. If...

    If it's practical at a given time, that is. Stop-and-go crawling traffic due to road repair/construction can get things hot in a hurry and on an interstate shutting down and sitting on the shoulder isn't always a good option. I-40 through Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico seems to always to provide an opportunity to overheat somewhere along the way. A fan is an excellent idea, IMHO.
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