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Thread: How to open the city bags?? from stumped

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    How to open the city bags?? from stumped

    Having trouble opening up city bags on aRTP I just got.. Know the trick??

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    Sorry I can't help, but you might get a better responce on the Oilhead Page.

    Good luck!
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    When I got my R1200ST last year, I photocopied the luggage page out of the manual so I could easily refer to how to open the cases. Then I developed a mnemonic: "left - right" / "right - left".

    So, when I open the left bag, I turn the key to the right, and when I open the right bag, I turn the key to the left. Easy peasy, and I don't have to carry the page anymore.

    Don't know if this will work for an RTP.

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    Please be more specific - what year, 1150 or 1200 (it makes a difference), is it both bags (sounds like it from your post)? Is the key not turning? (Pick it, Google can show you how, and either have a "European" locksmith or your local dealer replace the tiny little finger tabs.) Or are the locks ok and the lids are stuck (probably old rotten gaskets won't separate)?

    See also -

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    As this looks to be more oilhead to the oilhead section of the forum. OM
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    Found the answer>>> Problem was with opening city bags on a 2004 R1150 RTP.

    Problem was with opening city bags on a 2004 R1150 RTP.

    The bags lock on to the bike via the luggage handle.
    Put the key in the lock and turn it to open the latch. (You can not see the latch) now lift up on the bag handle and it will pop come up like a normal pies of luggage. The bag can now be lifted off the bike if you wish.
    Now to open the bag... there is a flat piece about 1/8 inch thick under where the handle originally was.. lift this piece up and the bag will pop open!!
    to close the bag an lock it to the bike reverse the process
    MAKE SURE.......... the key is not turned before the handle is pressed back in to the flat position or you will break the lock latch.

    Sure is tricky business..

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    sure hope you figured out that you don't have to remove the bags to open them. you can just lift both handle pieces at the same time, and bag stays on bike, but is now open.
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    Somebody tried to "open" one of mine in Mexico one night(under the guard of this old man-) and they bent the orange thingy that locks them or at least shows when locked. I had to bend it with pliers to open them & luckily the pliers were no in that case.
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