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Thread: K1300GT Highway Pegs AT LAST!!!!

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    K1300GT Highway Pegs AT LAST!!!!

    I have few regrets after moving from a V Star 1100 classic cruiser to a K1300GT. The BMW is more powerful, has much better torque and the accessories (cruise control, heated seats, adjustable windscreen etc.) are fantastic. The only problem is that owning a discontinued model, especially one that had a short production run, means limited aftermarket add-ons. One thing I miss is the highway pegs that I had on my V Star. After a few hours on my K13, I wished for a second position for my feet.

    Thankfully, one of our own has come to the rescue. A fellow K1300GT rider, Ken Estrada from New Mexico, has designed a great set of highway pegs just for the K1300GT. They are machined out of aluminum, easy to install and work great! If you are interested in learning more about these wonderful additions to the K13 or ordering a set, contact Ken at ? you?ll be glad you did.

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    pictures please!!

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    Any reason these would not fit a K1200GT? Pictures, please!
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