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Thread: Mounting bungee hooks on new BMW system side cases

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    Smile Mounting bungee hooks on new BMW system side cases

    Does anyone have any experience (preferably)/advice re: adding bungee hooks to the top of the "new" (to me at least) BMW system cases? The double-wall construction on the top seems to thwart this as I can't really see where it would be safe to drill for the extra long bolts needed to mount the metal loops for attaching bungees (or other straps to hold a duffle) without running afoul of the case opening/locking mechanism.
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    There was a detailed thread, with pictures, showing how to do this that was posted 4-5 years ago. As I recall it entailed disassembling the cases and that appeared to be a complex operation. The thread disuaded me from attempting to install the attachment points. Good luck finding the thread.
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    It can be done, if your talking vario cases, it's more work than its worth
    A good marine supply place is the best place to start, recommend West Marine if they are near you
    Use stainless fittings and thread lock everything
    Stay away from bungee cords, go with Roc Straps 100% better

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