A new acquaintance who wants very much to start riding has the added difficulty of being born with no left hand. She's a very spunky young woman who's already signed up for the MSF class, but is having trouble finding any help getting a bike of any sort set up to actually ride. She's considered the old Honda-matic, but wisely thought better of getting involved in any sort of restoration. She doesn't really object to scooters, but she needs to be able to ride the exp'y to and from work. She'd really like to have a real motorcycle. Can you blame her!?

She's in the Chicago area, but I think would travel a bit for some help or a purchase.

At this point I think she's just searching for ideas; people familiar with the challenge. We just met and I told her the folks on the BMWMOA Forum would be certain to have some ideas and contacts for her.

Thanx in advance.