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Thread: K75S Body Panel Composition

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    K75S Body Panel Composition

    While on the hunt for a spare spoiler and fairing to paint and freshen up my 1994 K75S panels I had a great conversation with Tim who listed some panels in the Flea section.
    Even though we did not come to price terms we had a great talk and during that visit I asked what material were the body panels made up of. Neither one of us could pinpoint what BMW used for molding the parts.
    Some kind of plastic? Some kind of Fiberglass or composite? Anyone know? I'm looking into the appropriate stuff to use for repairs and paint.
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    I;m almost certain it's ABS plastic. You can see the molding marks on the sides.

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    With the exception of the battery covers and the front fender, I'm certain that they are NOT ABS. They are molded glass reinforced plastic (fiberglass).

    Your saddlebags are ABS. If you have any significant damage to any of your body panels, you can see the fibers in the panels.

    PM me with your needs and phone#. I may have what you need.
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    When I've seen damaged ones - it appeared to be a ground glass composite, with perhaps a bit of clay thrown into the mix.. You can use standard fiberglas(tm) repair techniques for most of the repairs they might need. The bags are ABS.
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    The body panels are basically fiberglass. ABS maybe on battery covers, Side cases are made of 2 different plastics.

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    Your panels are made of glass reinforced composite... fiber glass. The biggest difference is that your panels are compression molded in matched metal dies. In addition to resin and glass, the compound is highly filled with calcium carbonate... limestone.

    You can repair with a fiberglass kit. You'll need to use bondo to fill surface porosity and achieve the same surface quality as the surrounding area.
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