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Thread: Informal DS Clinic

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    Informal DS Clinic

    Dual Sport Clininc


    Is anyone interested in attending an informal dual sport clinic? There is a potential site at this location. GPS N40 44.811 W84 11.025, just west of Lima.
    It's an old quarry that is now managed by a local dive shop, admission is $10 and they are supposed to have dirt, gravel, some hills and swimming.

    I would envision an inpromptu clinic with experienced riders sharing some secrets with us nOObs, an afternoon of blasting around on some trails. Please let me know if anyone has any interest since this rally does not have an organized DS ride planned.

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    Can those of us who don't have a DS come and be envious of all that fun being had by others? (Thinking of a DS w/in a year or so.)

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    Location information

    I just received this post from Howard Snider, a local BMW rider, Looks like this could be a good time for some GS riders.


    Finally hooked up with the property owner and spoke with him. He has 10-12 miles of trails thru woods and all kinds of terrain. Opens daily at 9 A.m. And closes at 6: PM.

    Requirements: $10.00 donation, and sign a waiver form.

    Located: Down a short road and thru an area of junk autos & Trucks on a stone road to the trails. Weekdays are best as little or no conflict with other riders or 4 wheelers. Must stay out of neighbors planted fields.

    Says he has gentle and steep hills and does not object if you just want to play or have semminars.

    Pretty much what you want to do for your $10.

    His name is Amos Long and cell phone # is 419-235-6565

    He used to be an instructor (5 or 6 yrs ago) with The ATV Safety Institute.


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    Oh this nOOb would definately be in for a bit-o-schoolin..

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    If you guys end up there, please call me on my cell at 419-234-4155 and give me a heads up so I can drop by and play. it is on my route to work!

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    Thumbs up Yes

    I'd be very interested. I'll be camping with the Chain Gang people, riding a black Dakar- yes it's black now

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    Also posted on the advrider site with some response.

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