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Thread: Reasons for switching from R bike to K bike?

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    I want to thank everyone for taking the time to reply to my question. Your comments are going to save me an enormous amount of time ,effort, and probably money. I greatly appreciate it.

    Reading all the comments I sense a few things. The K75s were/are still a great bike, but just too small for two people. The K100s, as I have read in books, are very reliable and long lasting, but "buzzy". The K1100, although probably the best bargain going in BMWs, can be pretty hot in the summer. That was a primary reason I switched from airheads with lowers on the fairing. It was either remove them (and the crash bars) every spring and re-attach them every fall, or cook my shins all summer. The K1200s and the K1300s seem like excellent bikes, but a bit short on storage. As mentioned, the flying bricks all use the dry clutch, so there isn't any advantage over the oilhead there.

    Taken all around, for the foreseeable future I believe I own, in my R1100RT, the best (for me) all purpose motorcycle. I only want one in the garage, and as people have said, it can do a lot of things well. It hauls a lot, is simple to work on, not too heavy, and is very pleasant to drive. Switching to a K, especially a flying brick style, won't be a revolutionary change in any department. Maybe I am one of those BMW riders that deep down always believes the boxer engine is the best way to go. Perhaps an 1150 sometime, and the R1200 would be great when they get to my price range. The grass always looks greener, and a different motorcycle always looks tempting, but I guess I will stick with what I have, and just enjoy riding it. My thanks to everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    The R1200RT has a LOT smoother engine, too.
    So true , as i own a 2010 RT & a 94 KLT , & i feel the RT is by far more superior of a bike over the brick. I know big year difference , but the K buzzes at 4,000 rpm , HEAT , hot enough to bake a cake on & terrible knee clearance if inseam is 31" or more. But over all the KLT is a great spring - fall - winter bike & very comfortable for the long haul (if you have short legs). Could never figure out why they built a tall bike with poor knee clearance

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    The R1200RT has a LOT smoother engine, too.
    Compared to what bikes?
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    Cool R vs k

    Quote Originally Posted by INNKEEPER22 View Post
    I've had the 1150 for five years (an 03) and have each year logged about 10 thousand miles on one or two long trips each summer.
    Last week I purchased an 05 K1200LT and the seller allowed me to take it on a demo ride for over two hours before we came to terms.
    Man is it sweet. So smooth compared to the RT with real cruise control!
    At 66 years of age, healthy and fit, the weight of the K still gave me some concern having never ridden one. At 5'9 and a 30 inseam, getting it off the center stand the 1st time was somewhat problematic since the seller told me if I bought the bike he wasn't coming with me to push me off and now was as good a time to figure it out. At least he told me how to do it. After rocking forward three or four times I realized that fear of dropping it was limiting my aggressiveness.
    So what the heck, went for the gold and literally pushed all my weight forward while pushing the ground with my toes. Literally pushed it through his garage doors. (just kidding) The bike came off the center stand and maintained its upright balance perfectly. Weight wise it didn't feel any different than the R bike. After finding a large unused parking lot I practiced some 180's, 360's and continually slowed speed and radius until a comfort level arrived. After testing the brakes several times, ventured onto the street and after awhile the freeway where I could open the throttle with gusto. The K doesn't have the 50 to 80 speed that the R bike exhibits but the smoothness was never in question.
    Since the K had (yes, I'm serious) the original tires with 13000 miles I zapped it to 95 for a few seconds then stayed at the speed limit for about 30 minutes.
    After pulling off the freeway, found a shaded area and practiced getting it on and off the centerstand, (which will require a lot more) played with the reverse gear for awhile, checked the VIN # and paid for a history report. As soon as I brought it back, we struck a deal and the 05 K1200 LT was mine.
    The seller was kind enough to follow me to a BMW dealer where it is being serviced, new tires, etc.
    It will be picked up Wednesday and I will have 180 miles to ride it home.
    Will keep you posted on my thoughts and will decide if the 1150 goes up for sale.
    Have now had the 05 K1200LT for approximately two weeks and ridden about 250 miles on short stop and go's.
    Will be riding it to Lake Tahoe 1st week of June. Thus far its everything I had hoped for and then some. Have not noticed much difference in slow turns than the 1150 RT but it doesn't have the immediate response that an RT provides.
    Time will tell.

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