I am currently on a R1100RT, but am thinking of switching to a K bike. Anybody done that? And why? The K style seem to have several advantages, although they often seem like the unwanted stepchild in the BMW family. I'm wondering if they are 1) a lot smoother engine, 2) quieter 3) generally have more power, or power that isn't straining 4) more trouble free. It seems like BMW has spent years trying to improve the boxer engine to get it to where the K engine began. ( Liquid cooling, wet disc clutch). I really value smoothness and quiet in motorcycles, and I am wondering if you just can never get those qualities in any twin cylinder bike. I should note that I would be staying in the flying brick engine style. The only problem I see is that the K75s are getting pretty old, and look too small for two people. And I don't see too many K bikes with much storage capacity. The K1200LT is too big for everyday use. Maybe an 1100LT? Any thoughts?