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Thread: Exhaust difference between 85 and 86-91 K100

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    Exhaust difference between 85 and 86-91 K100

    Hi All,

    I saw this one ebay:
    (no affiliation)

    but can't understand why it's only for models 86 on. Does anyone know why this can't be used on an 85?
    I posted the question on Motobrick and no one there can answer me. I was hoping someone here can.

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    The mounting points are different. Not to say it can't be used, but you'll need at least the hanger assembly from a later model K100xx for the rear mount. I went through this putting an aftermarket exhaust on my FYK.. and eventually I put on the footpeg sideplate from a later model bike. On the '84-85 K100, BMW had the brilliant idea of solid mounting the exhaust to the footpeg sideplate, then rubber mounting the sideplate to the frame. This enabled the left footpeg to paralyze your foot from the exhaust vibrations from the muffler transferring directly to the footpeg mount. As a fix to complaints they added rubber donuts to the mounting for the exhaust and made the mount for the sideplate to the bike frame solid. On the later bikes they had a solid mounted sideplate, and the exhaust was hung from the rear of it using a rubber hanger.

    Spending some time on - looking at the parts configuration for different model years might help clear up what your bike has on it. Many were changed to the later design since people couldn't stand to ride them as originally configured.

    Just one of the "special" things about the '85 bikes..

    BTW - I'm adding the bike MODEL to your thread title.. that helps attract people to the thread who may (or may not) know something helpful. It also helps people later looking for the same info to find the thread.
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    Thank you Don for the quick and concise answer.

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