Two questions to start: I would like to replace the (missing) hood over the tachometer and it looks like someone may have glued the lens bezel on with something like rubber cement or contact cement. It is still "gummy". Then there was a layer of black tape wrapped around the bezel and the case. I have been having trouble uploading pictures but I am going to try. Can anyone give me detail on how this assembly is supposed to be? I don't want to do any damage getting it apart in order to clean it and put it together right. Second thing is that the tachometer cable was broken when I took possession of the bike. When I took the instrument cluster off, the tachometer would not turn. I imagine that is why the cable broke (the end going into the engine was broken off in its receiver). I turned it backward with my fingers and it freed right up and now it turns with some "lumpiness" but basically pretty smooth. Is there any service that I can do to make sure whatever hung up the cable in the first place isn't still "lurking"? Any advice or direction to detailed instructions would be appreciated. I have to get my "tech" to help me with pictures (unless I can get the 8 year old kid who lives next door after school lets out!). I keep getting the same error messages when I try to post photos.