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Thread: 08R1200GS Lurching in 5th Gear

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    08R1200GS Lurching in 5th Gear

    On 180 mile round trip ride today noticed that while passing a car in 5th gear, the motorcycle began to lurch like it was out of fuel then the problem went away. Arrived at Holt BMW to get a new set of tires. Marty the mechanic noticed the same thing on a test drive but only in 5th gear. On the way home I tested the GS several times in 5th gear and each time when I applied throttle it bucked, lurched and acted like it did not have fuel. I tested it in all gears and it runs and accelerates normally so the problem appears to only exist in 5th gear. Has anyone heard of a problem like this, if so what was the fix.

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    What speed where you going when you did this test??
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    Drain the trans oil and have a look, pronto. It's cheap, quick and easy to do. It should come out looking like new.
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    How many miles on your spark plugs (4)?

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    I suspect, unfortunately, that the problem is internal to the transmission: either a bent or badly worn shift fork or worn gear dogs. I think it is jumping out of gear and then back in.

    Look for any sign of metal particles or a metallic sheen in the gear oil drained fromthe transmission.

    And, what pray tell did Marty the mechanic tell you he thought it was?
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    Thank you for all of the suggestions. I did drain the transmission gear oil (75/90 synthetic) and it looked new, which would be expected as I had a major service done late last summer at about 35,000 miles all fluids were changed. I did not find metal pieces or suspended metal particles or anything else in the oil. I have right at 41,000 on the motorcycle now, I bought the 2008 new in April 2009. The lowest speed that I enter 5th gear is around 50 mph. I tried several things during my riding test and found that the bucking and lurching only occurred when I opened the throttle as one would when passing or building speed when entering a freeway. When I eased the throttle letting speed build very slowly over what felt like 1.5 to 2 minutes to go from 50 to 65 mph I did not experience the lurching and bucking; I also did not experience it when down shifting so long as I did not get on the throttle. I tested the acceleration in all gears and the only gear that has a problem is 5th gear but it is an ugly feeling problem!

    It has been difficult to find anyone who has experienced the issues I am having and I do appreciate the comments, suggestions and questions. The folks at Holt BMW are trying to help me with the problem as well and I am taking it up to the shop on Tuesday, my next day off. I presently live in Charleston, WV and there are no BMW dealers in the state; Holt in Athens, OH is the closest and they are good people. I will post what I find and with luck it will help someone else.

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    Poor spark be it coil or plug could cause the bike to break down on hard acceleration. Bucking would be the result of one cylinder kicking in and out.


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    Your symptoms sound like the bike is running lean. "They all do that." I've heard that some use a Boosterplug or similar to trick the bike into a richer mixture during acceleration. If you search for Boosterplug, you'll likely find folks with symptoms like yours (our 09R1200RT suffers in that situation, too). Cheers!

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    I fixed this problem on my 2008 RT by replacing the spark plugs that had broken (cracked) insulators.

    I replaced all 4 of course but the broken ones were the mains (horizontal plugs). I suspect poor factory installation technique, i.e. coils hammered on.
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    Since it was scheduled for service on the 14th, I wonder what the dealer found. It would also be interesting to hook up a GS-911 and check the readings from the gear position sensor.
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