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Thread: Cheap Top Box Mod!

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    Cheap Top Box Mod!

    At night when someone approaches the red lens on the BMW top box does...absolutely nothing! So here is a cheap easy mod that I did to increase night time visibility.

    First I removed the lens. NOTE: This is probably the only part on this bike that actually needs a Philips screwdriver to take apart!!!

    I bought some solas reflective tape..the most reflective stuff out there...cut it to size and fit it behind the lens. Leave the backing on to keep it stiff and cut it just slightly smaller so you can tape the edges to the inside of the lens.

    I also cut out some letters from some standard reflective tape. They came out OK but I'll redo them.

    In the first photo you can see my rain gear drying out in the after the difference the tape makes. Total cost about $15 took about 1 hour...15 mins of that to put the torx away and find a screwdriver!


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    Hey man that worked out nicely.

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