1999 R1100RT

Planning on doing a bunch of work on the bike this weekend, including a headlight bulb replacement and addition of the EasternBeaver relay harness to power the light directly from the battery via relay.

Am planning on removing left and right side tupperware, but no more. Have read a few posts on bulb replacement, but still not sure I get the mental picture on how the metal clip that holds the bulb in place is configured. Have read a bunch of posts where the clip was broken because it was pulled or turned incorrectly before releasing it properly. Maybe with the left and right tupperware off I will have an open view where I can see what I am doing, but in case I don't I was wondering if anyone has a picture or drawing of what the clip arrangement looks like on this bike so if I have to do it "Blind" I'll have a decent shot at not screwing it up trying to get the bulb out. Thanks...Bob