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We have never met, but I enjoyed the update. I have found that blogging about the trials in my life cathartic. You write it and we will read it. No sympathy from me, only cheers, encouragement and compassion my friend.
I'm not sure about miracles, but human determination and a positive attitude can make amazing things happen.
Keep up the good work dad!
I think we just have met Lynn,
Thank you so much, I will admit that I get the occasional mouthful of rain using my smile as an umbrella, and it is hard to change from "I am certain we can fix all of this" to "That is just the way it is" without feeling like one is giving up. I just hope we are lucky enough to make the right decisions about those things. Another issue is that she is 15 now, and how easy is it to get any 15 year old to do anything that is good for them?