As many of you know, my little girl contracted West Nile 10+ years ago. We have been to Florida to see a Dr they consulted with on the Terry Schiavo case, we saw a specialist in Toronto, and we have even been to China for Stem Cell Treatments. Now she is 15 years old, and she is still not walking, and we recently found something that, when she used it the first time almost made me cry. It's a stationary bike that you push the wheelchair right up to, strap her legs in and she pedals. There is a motor that "helps" and it graphs who is doing what, so you can actually see her muscles start kicking in on the graph. The local hospital has on here, so before trying to get one, we asked if we could use it. They scheduled 3 sessions, and in the first one she pedaled 1.5 miles! I haven't seen that for over 10 years. The next week though, she cried and did not do well at all.
On the final try, she pedaled 2.25 miles, and they are submitting the paperwork to insurance. If insurance doesn't buy it, we feel it will be helpful enough that we are getting it whether Insurance buys it or not. I didn't really want a new GS Adventure anyway. 3
Check out the video, she is getting big.

It looks like my thread about nothing is gone as well, darn. 3