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Thread: Which Fuel Hose goes there?

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    Which Fuel Hose goes there?

    GS1150 would not start last Spring. Couldn't find the cause so it sat all year while I rode another. I had pulled the tank and replaced the fuel pump, bought new injectors and it still wouldn't start. This Spring I'm determined to get it going. However...sometime over the Winter the tape I had on the fuel lines indicating what goes where disappeared.

    I know the ones from the tank and the middle regulator line is still attached to the injector but which regulator line does the tank output line go to? The top one or the bottom one?



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    Looking at this front the right hand side of the bike, the tank output line goes to the bottom line coming from the regulator and the tank return line goes to the top.

    Usually they are keyed by the quick disconnects.

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    THank you!

    With that info and the new Bosch pump I should be running again.

    Pressure gauge showed about 2 PSI out on the current pump. Tore it out and found it had come loose from the hose feeding the fuel rail. It was a tear out from a car in the back yard and while it looked the part the hose fitting was far too short to be held by a clamp. Not gonna bother with it again. Ordered the new Bosch from Amazon. It will be here Thursday.

    Thanks again,


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    The simple rule is: the fuel lines do not cross. If you try to connect them wrong, you will find that the line that comes out of the rearward spigot on the fuel pump plate has to cross the one coming out of the front spigot.

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    You've already got this figured out but I used to find this drawing handy. Maybe someone else will also.
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