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Thread: Interesting food in Ohio??

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    Somewhat east of Lima is New Riegal,home of the New Riegal Rib House.Been a while since I've been there,but they are famous in NW Ohio.Anyone know anything about "Beef and Bourbon"in Lima?They had a pig roast for the flat track races but we missed it.They have an interesting web site,something like ""

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    I live .5 miles from the Beef And Bourbon; decent place, fun, has a big bar/dance floor there, too. Just off the corner of Breese and Shawnee Roads in the Shawnee suburbs southeast of Lima.

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    At the Solstace ride we had all kinds of cased meats made by the Amish. They had a really different flavor from what you are used to because of how fresh the meat is, and because they weren't near as greasy as the stuff you get in the stores. Also when we went out and rode I had a trail bologna sandwich that was pretty good. It's another Amish thing that they make that supposedly can last for a while unrefrigerated. It has different spices and stuff in it that makes it unique, but still pretty darn good.

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    True Americana

    Not all that far from Lima is Greenville, Ohio for a true piece of Americana visit the Maid Rite Resturaunt in Greenville. This is not fancy eating. It is more like the little places you find/found along Rt66 is the old days. They aren't to my taste but my X's family loved them.

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    Again, Burgundys in Lima is good and fun. On Cable Rd. in Lima.
    Also The Bistro on Main in the downtown.
    Ribs; Old Barn Out Back on W. Elm St. in Lima.
    Subs; Joeys on the Square
    Burgers; The Kewpee downtown on Elizabeth.
    Coffee and sand/soups at The Meeting Place on Market St.
    Milanos on Elida Road for non-chain Italian.
    There are two Thai places, one on South Main, and one on Pine. Yummy and offbeat.
    The Silver Shamrock on North Main for Irish pub fare.
    Ribs, The Red Pig Inn in Ottowa, 20 minutes north.
    Quick fresh diner fare; Happy Daz is a small local chain, clean.
    Pizza; Fat Jacks, couple of locations.
    Chinese; several. I like Mark Pi's on North Street.
    Destinations; Columbus is rampant with good places. Dayton has the famous Pine Club for steaks. Find it online, it is amazing.
    Inn of Versailles in Versailles Ohio is a worthy destination and nice riding, 45 minutes. If you seek specific food or ambience, PM me and I'll steer ya right.


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    i'm going to try that kewpie place that 'ol salt just wrote about. burgers and milshkes, mmm good stuff

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    There goes my diet.

    Milkshakes and cheese burgers....

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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    Kewpie has malts not milk shakes, also their pie is excellent.

    Doug Mc Gee

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    Dr. Atkins is getting some time off...

    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    The Blazing Challenge

    The Blazing Challenge

    Take a quick run up to Defiance, about 50 miles north. The official Blazing Challenge is over, but you can still try to make the legend. My niece, Erica, says "If any of your fellow riders think they can eat 12 of our hottest wings in 6 minutes, send em up!" If you see Erica on Wed or Friday at Buffalo Wild Wings tell her 'Uncle Tom sent you' and she will give you an extra smile. It is located at 1120 Hotel Dr. Defiance, OH (419-784-WING(9464)). Right off of 24. It faces Clinton St and is right across the street from Meijer.

    Tom Anspach

    just returned from a RT cage trip to Wilshire OH via 14/114/24/local/469/33 - - - 33/224/24/31/14 roads good wx good. saw several BMW's headed to Beemerville. Talked to a couple on BMW w/trailer at US31/24 NE of Peru headed to Beemerville. People are on their way!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom42n
    My niece, Erica, says "If any of your fellow riders think they can eat 12 of our hottest wings in 6 minutes, send em up!" If you see Erica on Wed or Friday at Buffalo Wild Wings tell her 'Uncle Tom sent you' and she will give you an extra smile.
    Being a veteran of these things, what is the reward for doing so?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_In_Lima
    Being a veteran of these things, what is the reward for doing so?
    According to my niece the official Blazing Saddles contest is over, however, evidently you can still compete, and get your name in the record book . . . . as I understand it. . . YEMV....

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    Schmidt's cream puffs should be illegal; I bet each one feeds twelve. I don't think I've ever seen a breakfast buffet with as many types of meat, either. That place rocks. Just be careful parking a bike on those old brick streets.

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    Tip from a local in Lima

    I got the word on the mexican restaurant near the ralley site on Rt. 309 (Harding Way) and she gave it the thumbs up (non-chain - authentic - as close as ohio get's) and good margarita's.
    I trust her word, she's not a small gal.

    Also for those looking for german food: BUCYRUS = BRATWURST.

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    In the old days when I lived in Columbus and would go to Lima for the flat track there was a little dive close by that everyone went for a fried bologna sandwhich. It was thick cut and about the size of a hamburger patty, sounds gross, but it was really interesting. All they biker dudes knew about it, ask around. (this place might be half way between Columbus and Lima)

    Columbus has about the highest Pizza joints per capita of anyplace in America, true statistic. (worked for a local Pizza chain during school, Papa Joes for you locals) Columbus has about any variety of pizza you can imagine, and some of the local stuff beats the NY and Chicago guys at their own game. I moved from Columbus nearly 15 years ago and haven't had a decent pizza since. (expect when I visit)

    You can always try White Castles, If you time eating them and your departure from the rally just right you can make record time home, or at least to the next rest area.


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