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Thread: 2011 R1200RT Bike lurches at low throttle position

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    2011 R1200RT Bike lurches at low throttle position

    Anyone come across this problem before? I can't seem to roll the throttle smoothly without the bike lurching. I can't ride the bike smoothly at low speeds (engine at 2000 to 3000 rpm). When I slightly roll from the closed throttle position the engine and bike surges forward, it dosen't matter how slowly I roll the grip, it surges. It is really bad in 2nd gear, especially going around curves and in traffic, the bike is constantly hopping back and forth as I roll the grip. This always happens while in gear.

    I've checked the throttle cable free play, it's good. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
    2011 R1200RT

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    My 2012 does it in 1st and 2nd gear around the same RPM's that your your talking about. I can keep it from "lurching by finessing the clutch while at slow speeds in 1st. I typically carry enough speed when cornering in 2nd. When I do occasionally corner slower in 2nd it is annoying and unsettling.
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    What you've described is common for hexhead (and other) engines. At that low of an RPM the throttle is off or mostly off and any throttle change causes a large change in RPM. Once the bike got above about 3000 RPM all was well. On my GS I did three things to make it slightly better.

    1) try not to lug the engine by keeping the RPM up if at all possible. At very low speeds I'd repeatedly accelerate and coast with the clutch in instead of trying to maintain a constant speed at too low of an RPM.

    2) use two fingers on the brake. This has little to do with covering the brake and lots to do with giving myself better fine control of the throttle.

    3) use something like the Accelerator module or the Boosterplug. That let me get a smooth, non-lurching ride down to about 2400-2500 RPM. Below that I used the technique described in 1) above.

    My GS was not a camhead, so I can't say for sure that my experience is apropos for your bike.

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    I think it's just the nature of the Beast, everyone I've ever talked to about this said " they all do that."

    Which also seems to be the standard answer for any perceived abnormality I've asked about so far regarding my RT.

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    This is how my 1150RT also seemed when I got it. A good tune and good technique will minimize the impact. On my 1150 I replaced the stock O2 sensor with one that adds about 6% to the fueling (Innovate Motorsports LC-1). That fully eliminated the condition. The LC-1 has been installed on a couple 1200s with similar results; however, the LC-1 is far from a plug & play solution, it takes wiring skill. Later this year, I expect there will be a plug 'n play version of an LC-1. for 1200s. I'm working with someone to build it now.

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    I've had a new '10 RT and a new '11 RT. Neither has ever lurched (or surged). That wouldn't be safe in traffic. Especially stop and go stuff. Methinks something's amiss.
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    I have some ideas on this (i ride a 99 R1100S and just went through ALL of this repeatedly)

    first - clean the throttle bodies well. maybe do the zero zero throttle position sensor adjustment. (This is a miracle-worker if it is out of adjustment) and then recheck the grip cable clearance, sync TBs, adjust BBS idle, etc. i have almost 0 play in the cable.
    Also check the throttle plates are actually landing at the idle stop screws - both. it is a great tinkerbell project - this fiune tuning. I am just not paying a mechanic $90 an hour to tinker... see attached and serch the web for your bike's specifics on this procedure. do at your own risk. see,d.dmg,d.dmg

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