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Thread: 1999 rt ABS issues............

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    1999 rt ABS issues............

    Issues with ABS: Will not start, I'll stop over and over ABS will not start? What's going on how would I chase it down? 2 red lights bounce back and forth but never stop! New tires put on could that be a problem?

    William Weiden

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    You need to read the fault code and/or reset it. There's a page on my website explaining this.
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    1998 rt

    Most likely problem is slightly low voltage. The ABS system won't activate for fear the motors won't provide enough power.

    If this is the problem you will generally have it right after the first engine start of the day.
    If you tolerate the blinking for 10 or 20 minutes then stop, kill the motor, and restart, and it activates, then this is the typical symptom set.

    Indicates a weak battery. You might get by with leaving it on a tender overnight but you probably need a new battery.

    Another possibility is air in the system. But air doesn't get in unless you open the system to add fluid or whatever.

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    I agree with the above post. It is most likely low battery voltage. My 99 RT has done the same thing for years. As the bike is not ridden often, the battery drains slightly when the bike is parked and the ABS flasher goes off after I start the bike. After a days ride, all is well. Remember, it takes a good 20 minutes of running for the alternator to replenish the charge lost during starting. Put your battery on a charger and see whether the problem persists.

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    Hey William,
    As they have said, most likely the battery. It can also be caused by a bad brake bleed job, but sounds like the battery. The ABS system is VERY sensitive to your battery. You can have plenty of juice to turn over and run the bike, but not enough to prevent the ABS from tripping. I had the same issue myself last fall and replaced mine with an Interstate battery. This thing is a BEAST, with like 800 CCA's.

    Here is a link to my site where I have a short video on how to reset the ABS. Hope it helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by derost View Post
    Hey William,
    Here is a link to my site where I have a short video on how to reset the ABS. Hope it helps.
    OH COOL!

    (learned something new!)


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