I'm leaving Columbus Ohio in July this year and after a stop in Glacier NP I'm riding to Alaska. It's a dream trip I've had in mind for over 30 years. I'm riding a K1600GTL and will stay on pavement except for construction areas. I'll leave Columbus with fresh oil and OEM tires. I'm planning on putting new tires on in Calgary, Alberta. I've got a couple of tire repair kits. After riding a K1200 at the Rider Rally in Steamboat Springs, Colorado a number of years ago I said that BMW was my next bike. Actually BMW wasn't my next bike but I never forgot the demo ride on the K1200 and planned on getting a BMW someday. I rode Gold Wings for years, my longest trip was 9,000 miles in 30 days. I'm estimating over 13,000 miles over about a 10 week period. If anyone has been up that way and would like to share your experience and/or suggestions I'd like to hear from you.