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Thread: C650GT impression after 5,000 k's

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    My first 5000

    Now I have just reached my first 5000. I am enjoying the ride as I needed something to fill in a void I have had for a while. I had a K75T back in the 90's and the bike was open and I was vulnerable to the weather. I wanted a full faring with better weather protection and mid size. I had other vehicles also and something had to go. I sold the bike.

    12 years later the C650 GT came along, I saw it, rode it and bought it. Do I regret it, not at all. I have enjoyed every kilometer on it which also included 1 rally.

    As for how is the scooter, a few small things my rear drive was wicking oil at the seam. This was fixed quickly and have not had a problem since. One day my speedometer went wacky for a few minutes, it corrected itself and has not happened since. The seat could be a little more comfortable after 75 miles. The turn signal switch has a cheap clicking sound and feel if you turn the signal off manually. The tires are excellent with lots of tread still. The tool kit feels cheap but it works for very basic jobs. The scooter acceleration is very good. To bad there is not a cruise control. I love the heated seat. I wish there was a workshop manual. I love the amount the scooter will carry under the set.

    I have added GPS, a power socket on the dash, a top box (yes there is a recall).

    I absolutely do love the scooter with no regrets
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    A bad day on the C650 GT scooter is better than the best day at work

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