Hi from Downunder...

Well well, after just 10 weeks the speedo the C650 GT is just rolling over 5,000 klms. Ordinarily I'd have thought it would take me about 6 months to cover that distance, but I guess this millage is testament to how much I am enjoying the scoot.

I've had no issues apart from a weep from one of the bolts in the final drive and this easily fixed by torqueing it back up, otherwise all pure goodness.

Fuel consumption has varied from 3.8 l/100klms to 5.0 l/100klms depending on the level of enthusiasm used when riding. Around town, stop start and traffic lights etc has yielded 4.5l/100klms. 80-90 kph cruising yields the good sub 4.0 l/klms and one high speed run, mostly 100 kph+ together with many twisties, returned the 5.0 figure. Social weekend runs seems to sit in the 4.2 - 4.5 l/klms range. I consider this pretty good consumption for the level of performance that the scoot delivers.

Everything seems to bedding in really well now. The scoot is now more smooth in all areas (engine/suspension/seating) and jumps off from a standing start noticeably quicker. To guess, I'd say that it is easier 0.5 seconds quicker to 60 kph and same again to 100kph than when new.

On the performance and handling front, I can confirm that the reviews predicting the ability to run with sports bikes as true. I've now done several runs with groups of 1000cc+ sports bikes and have had no problem staying with them especially as the road tightens. Sure it doesn't have the blinding pickup of a true sports bike, but I've found that in these circumstances I only end up a few car lengths behind anyway, easy to make back up. This weekend past with the GRO group, I went up the Macquarie pass and down the Kangaroo valley switch backs (this area south of Sydney, AUS) and had no problem staying stuck to the lead group. I believe that these scoots handle as good as anything else that BMW produces. Why BMW themselves believe that these scoots are only meant for the city bewilders me, it's just awesome out on the open road.

The seat on the C650GT has proved a great place to be, with the nippier weather experienced lately the heated grips and seats are just heavenly. I've been caught out a little under dressed for the cooler temps experienced , we're heading into winter here, at the end of a long ride. But with the fairings protection, grips and scrummy heated seat it still made me feel comfortable and able to enjoy the rest of the ride.

Have also done about 30 K's on the dirt as well. This never presented a problem for the scoot, it remained sure footed and never bottomed the suspension. Not that it's the ideal surface for a scooter, but it's nice to know that the BMWer can handle the loose surface, ruts and potholes competently.

If anyone is comfortable to come up with the coin for one of these scoots, they will not be disappointed. The comfort, features and performance offered up really does justify the asking price. Definitely no buyers remorse here.