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Thread: Side Stand (replacement) for 1995 R100R "Classic"

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    Thanks to all

    Hello All, This has been enlightening. I appreciate everyone's thoughtful responses. As of now, there seems to be no concrete easy solution to this issue, but I will pursue the various suggestions. Meanwhile, I have successfully adapted the solo seat and rack kit for a R100 GS to my R100R, so improvements are taking place. Hopefully, we will all see the results in Salem.
    Best, Dave

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    Quote Originally Posted by jewels View Post
    It took me awhile to find the proper side stand for my mono shock R100RT (have Brown's on all of my twin shocks).

    Try this as after 15K on my bike this really fit the bill.

    Farley Side Stand, 616-896-8469, Robert VanFarowe..These people are GREAT...They will probably send you the stand first and if you like it you send them the money...atleast that is what they did with me...unheard of and a quality stand.
    The above is the "concrete easy solution to the issue" Period.
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    I wish.

    Quote Originally Posted by jewels View Post
    The above is the "concrete easy solution to the issue" Period.
    I phoned Robert this morning. He told me there was a brief period (long ago) when he had what I need, but they did not sell - and were thus discontinued. So, no solution from that avenue, concrete, easy or otherwise.

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