I have lived with the OEM side stand on my R100R for far too long. (Since it was new in 1995). Seems to me that it would be quite handy to simply deploy a side stand that won't spring back up on it's own. (Of course, I use the center stand pretty much all the time, but would like to be able to dismount my bike with the extra security provided by a side stand that will stay down until I decide other wise. And yes, I understand the "logic" of having the spring keeping folks from riding off with the stand down. (I just don't feel I need that extra "help" as I've survived just fine so far on the other bikes I have owned that require paying attention).
All inquiries about a Brown or equivalent replacement with various parts people (and others, at dealerships) have yielded nada.
Seems there is no "listing" that would indicate a product for my bike.
So: To be clear, this bike is very similar to the GS and Mystic versions of the same era. In fact, it was produced for at least a few years (even if mine was a "Last Edition").
One would think somebody has successfully found an available stand I could use.
A possible hangup: The pivot point on the factory stand is integrated into the left-hand "crash bar" (cylinder guard), but looks like it could be easily removed without buggering anything.
In any case, I would be most appreciative if someone has insight into how to acquire/fab/invent/whatever a side stand I can use. I have reasonable fabrication skills, but would prefer not to go off on that route if there is a simple solution I have yet to hear about.
Has anyone replaced the (pretty useless) side stand on a '90s-era R100 Airhead similar to mine?
Thanks to anyone who can help.