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    Question Riding Peru

    4 couples want to ride in Peru for a week or so. any recommended vendors or trips? any knowledge of how much economy accommodations and food might run per day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by calva View Post
    4 couples want to ride in Peru for a week or so. any recommended vendors or trips? any knowledge of how much economy accommodations and food might run per day?
    This company is a partner with BMW MOA and a tour has been scheduled or already run this year via this company...
    This would give you a good estimate of what may be looking for....cost and areas.

    My personal advice...I did Peru last year for couple weeks and took in all the major places... and it was with this company...but was with Roadrunner Magazine using this company. Our tour was due to be 85 percent paved/15 gravel and labeled for experience riders only, will experience gravel conditions just about anywhere you go...due to land slides and road repair is slow... Sometimes...even with a guide and tour company, conditions change and force you to take what is available and much less desirable. We where all guys...we all remarked that a two up ride would be a adventure more ways than one... Complete blockage for couple days of the road by land slide....we found a room.. if you could call it that.... Gold miners strike, blocked fuel pumps and town for couple days... Our guide worked a deal with military and strikers to let us pass (+1 guide) our guide and support truck driver found us a room (+1 for tour company again).

    Food, at the motel OK at breakfast and at night in larger towns the restaurants are good (+2 for tour guide), only packaged food in most cases... you will drink more Coca Cola(s) and eat more chocolate than the rest of the decade. Coca tea too! Chew Coca leaf also. Now I had to ride in support vehicle one day to keep our schedule with train and bus at Machu Piccu... think maybe the Coca Tea didn't get boiled long enough...sick..sick...but the support vehicle driver found me a pharmacy (+4) and handled the language to report problem.

    Great ride...yes Adventure....yes All the great places....just what I expected and more....

    Schedule and tickets for the train and bus to Machu Piccu ... (+3 tour company)

    If your post had said, four guys wanting to ride Peru... my response would have been ....go for it...great adventure and ride....expect the unexpected and enjoy. However four couples, consider a tour company with support vehicle...there will be days and times the support vehicle will be fully occupied.

    Something to consider also in the safe ride column.... Peru has thousand and thousand of small motorcycle or scooters... they travel everywhere and use the shoulder of the road when they meet on coming traffic in most cases ...on coming traffic (touring buses and trucks) will see the light of the Motorcycle and think slow moving scooter and expect the scooter to move over....however when you are riding three times faster than those scooters...the on coming traffic still thinks small motorcycle or scooter...So be prepared to use the shoulder... with sand and gravel.... trust me on this one...

    Now for the past dozen years I have done one or two out of country tours each year...guided and self guided... Glad we had a tour company and support vehicle on this one!

    Things you will not read in a tour company brochure...but things you may wish to consider...

    Hope this helps...welcome to the forum...
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    Peru trip

    Check this out:

    Already occurred of course but Neal is a good friend of mine and he truly cares about others. Maybe this will give you an idea or two on how you can make your trip so much more meaningful.

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