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Thread: 1986 R80RT Clock on or off?

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    1986 R80RT Clock on or off?

    When I purchased my 1986 R80RT, upon later observation, I noted the clock in the panel was not working. Further observation, I found it had just been disconnected. I also seen another R80RT that had the clock disconnected. I plugged mine in and it works. Question: Did they have problems with these clock as to why they were disconnected? Does it use too much "juice" from the battery if the bike sits too long? I have a deep cycle Odyssey battery, ride my bike six days a week, put on about 600 miles per week and at 4000 RPM's, have a strong reading of approximately 13.8 volts. Thank You for your opinion.

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    Never had any problems on my bikes because of the clock. And I ride less than you.

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    The clock on mine has been running and accurate for the almost 14 years I have had it. It uses very little electricity.
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