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Thread: Looking to Thank a Charleston, SC area GSA (red) Rider

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    Looking to Thank a Charleston, SC area GSA (red) Rider

    You stopped at the scene of an accident on the 1st of May on 17N just south of Charleston, SC.

    I didn't take your contact information or really get a chance to thank you for offering your help and your home to my wife and I.

    I think you said you were returning home to Charleston from South Florida.

    If you are a member here or anyone knows who this is. I would like to get contact information for a proper than you.


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    No problem I am sure many others would have done the same. Tried to stick around but Troopers ran me off. I hope everyone faired ok! I recall your two riding partner's were escorted to MUSC. Anytime you need anything from the Charleston Area feel free. Hope to see all ya'll on the road sometime.


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