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Thread: First Impressions of my 2009 BWW R1200RT

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    First Impressions of my 2009 BWW R1200RT

    I know this sounds funny, but I bought my 2009 R1200RT, brought it home, stripped it to clean and then it sat in the shop till spring finally arrives.
    It did today, and I told my better half I am going to take the BMW out for a test ride. Only after your chores are done and the shopping. Oh well after 42 years a few more hours will not hurt!
    Started perfectly, not like the older Airheads where one has to know exactly where the choke lever must sit. Idled perfectly and why not with the temperature at 19 degrees Celcius out side.
    Eased the clutch lever out and off we went. At first shifting gears was awkward as is with all new bikes for the first time. decided to take her out to Cochrane which is west of Calgary. First went through some back roads to get adjusted to the feel and the certain sounds all motorcycles have and mine I am sure is no different.
    What I was looking for was the RPM ratio with kilometres per hour sweet spot. Interesting enough in both 4th, 5th and 6th gear she was happy at 3400 - 3500 rpm's.
    The Cee Bailey windshield that I bought used from one of our members in California was perfect, in that my helmet was quieter than any bike I have ridden.
    The handle bar controls take a bit of getting used to as the cancel signal light switch is on the right hand throttle grip and if your not used to cruise control your in for a treat. The last several touring bikes were all equipped with the Throttle Miester and after this afternoon, only the BMW cruise control is for me thank you very much!
    Seating will take some getting used too and will put my sheep skin on to see if it makes a difference.
    The torque at higher gear ratios is very good as I was coming out of the valley leaving Cochrane at a lower speed and the 1200 wanted to lug, thus one needs a higher RPM to keep the engine happy.
    Shifting is better than the Triumph Trophy, especially downshifting.
    The rear view mirrors will take some getting used to, but a clear rear view vision there.
    The biggest difference I found was that the balance a highway speeds is much more predicable and going into corners was less intimating with the front end want to dive if you slightly tap the brakes as was the case of the Triumph Trophy.
    I did have one question and I am not sure if I heard this right, but when throttling down, I would hear a very muffled popping sound which was only momentarily. Am I hearing things?
    Overall, so far so good and will take her out again tomorrow for a longer run. Think I just might like this animal!
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    Rick, Glad you like the bike, thousands of others do also as well as myself. With ergonomic changes of pegs, seat, wind screen, fits me like an Aerostitch glove and I'd buy another one tomorrow.

    I have not experienced the popping on deceleration with the RT, but was common on my old K75. I'd have to say that I don't hot rod the RT like I used to ride the K. Yet.
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    Congrats on the bike. Looks like mine. I was told that the "popping sound" (backfiring?) on a trailing throttle was because of a lean fuel mixture. When mine got especially bad, my tech found that the secondary plug on one side wasn't firing. Turned out to be a bad connector in the wiring harness, but took several hours of diagnostic work. Good luck. Have fun - it's a great bike.
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    Congrats on a nice bike! Don't be afraid to crank it up, these RT's are pretty happy in the 4-4500 range. The seat is always an issue and I've found an Alaska sheepskin does help a bit. Oddly enough, I put on the low one piece and find it better than the original. That one was murder on "the boys"!

    I'm happy to hear how much you like the cee baileys shield as that will be my next purchase. Good luck with the bike, enjoy!

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