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Thread: Colorado BMW Club Ride -- Pics & Video

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    Colorado BMW Club Ride -- Pics & Video

    The Colorado Beemers have a pretty good thing going... meet most any Saturday (year round) for a hearty breakfast in Morrison at the Red Rocks Grill at 8:00a, and at 9:00a form a ride for a mountain journey. I had not participated in one of these yet, but yesterday found myself riding to Morrison to at least have a breakfast and maybe find some like-minded riders to spin two-wheels with. Well, met Roy and Gray (Buckley, Jim S. - A fellow MOA Ambassador) right away and was welcomed to join their table for a killer breakfast.

    Gray suggested a sweet Woodland Park and South Park ride and there were six of us eager to thumb the starter switch for the curvy and scenic journey. If pictures are a thousand words, and a video even more so, I'll be terse with the comments and let the images do the narrative. First, a link to a four minute highlight video:

    Colorado Beemers to Woodland Park - Streaming Video

    Here's a map of the ride...

    Across from the Red Rocks Grill and the breakfast feast, downtown Morrison, where many bikes of many stripes gather for morning rides...

    First stop, about 60 miles later was at the Long Scraggy Scenic Lookout. Joining the ride was Gray (R1150RT), Roy (R1100RS), Bob (R1200GS), Pete (K1200GT), Randy (GL1800), and me (R1150GS). The Pike National Forest is all around...

    The last curve before the lookout. The namesake in the distance (and above)...

    A journey SW on Hwy 24 brought us to the summit of Wilkerson Pass (9507ft.). The expanse of South Park is below. Gray, Roy, and I sat enjoying the cool temps while the local VFW chapter served homemade cookies and punch. How nice. You know, don't think much has changed here over the centuries...

    I suggested at this time trying Park County Road 77, known also as the Tarryall Rd., as a way to return to the north and the Kenosha Pass area. This is a 42 mile road loaded with turn of the century cabins, log barns, great rock formations, big time wilderness, ranches, and a state recreation area (Tarryall Reservoir). Along the way we passed through the old and small town of Tarryall. You know, it didn't look much different than this 1898 image. Most of the structures are still standing...

    Later, we parked at the Tarryall Reservoir, recently refilled after repairing the aging dam...

    Zooming in on the Mosquito Range, guarding the northwestern flanks of South Park. Bald Mtn (13,684ft.) on the left and Mt. Guyot (13,370ft.) on the right. It was a good ride.

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    Very nice. Must get out to Colorado on the motorcycle.

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