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Thread: 2006 R1200RT mirror suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wash424 View Post
    You might want to look at the maxiviewmirror.

    I put maxiview on my GS and love them

    On the RT I added these mirrors ( left 51167653773 right 51167653774 (BMW K1200RS 2000-20004) and they worked really well for me
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    2005 to 2007 R1200St mirrors look good and have a nice shape, I use them on my GS because they are 1 inch wider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tamajohn View Post
    I recently purchased a 2006 R1200RT in beautiful condition with very low miles. I love the bike but I dislike the mirrors. A friend says wait and I'll get used to it. I don't think so. It appears that I could add a pair of traditional mirrors in the existing holes near the clutch and brake levers. 10 mm diameter I think. I have an aftermarket Z Technik V-Stream windscreen. Any clearance issues? What's the best bang for my buck? I heard rumors that older K bike mirrors might work. Thanks. John
    I just posted the RS mirrors in BMW parts. They are brand new. Just something about 4 mirrors that drives me crazy. Call me.
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    For me, the KRS mirrors are perfect on my 2007 RT. They definitely increase the rear view capability. I have them pointed more up/out and the stock mirrors more down/in, so i can see the max amount.

    Plus...they make a convenient helmet stand
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