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Thread: 2008 R1200RT died

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    2008 R1200RT died

    Ok so i was tooling along at 80 2 days ago in traffic (keeping up mind you) when my bike shuts off. i got across 4 lanes of traffic noticed my dashboard (do you call it that?) was off, got safely onto the shoulder and then attempted to restart. it would just barely turn over. made a bunch of calls, (thanks to the anonymous book guys in schaumberg and schiller park for helping me out) remembered the roadside assist deal on the BMWMOA card and called them. Well, 2.5 hours later my bike is loaded up in a trailer and I'm on my way home. get there, Eric puts my bike in my garage ( I still have a weak L arm secondary to cancer surgery last spring) and leaves. I decide to move the bike so out of habit I hit the starter and I get an AWS in RED on my dash. I shut it off, swear< turn it back on hit the starter and it starts right up. My fuel strip fried earkier this year and it has run fine until this event. Is this how the Ring goes bad? I had it replaced 1 month after I bought it new in 2008 and have never had any trouble. Do I ride it to the dealer or tow it? These may seem like stupid questions but logistically for me its a big hassle. I cant afford a tow so i have to garner a favor and that isn't easy. any ideas anyone? Oh and thanks to ERIC from RJ's Cycles rescue, and the anonymous guys and Platinum Cycle club who kept calling me to make sure I was safe while I waited on I 290. And a big Raspberry to the Illinois State Police whose 3 cars drove by me and never stopped to check if I needed any assistance.

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    I assume you meant EWS? That is not how the EWSring goes bad. EWS antenna failure will not stop a running bike. It is only active when turning on the ignition. A warning at startup is often due to low battery voltage. I'd start by checking your battery connections (a loose connection can give you the symptoms you see) and if the connections are OK I'd get the battery load tested.

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    Alternative for a tow is to rent the small open bed uhaul trailer. It is about 15/day.
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    If your antenna ring is bad, or going bad, it is an easy fix. I carry a spare one on my bike just in case. Probably more likely to use it on another rider's bike. I also carry the fuel pump board.
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