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Thread: my bike (2010 r12r) is running fine but

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    my bike (2010 r12r) is running fine but

    i'm cogitating getting a gs 911. do those of you who have one find it to be worth the three hundred (or so) bucks?

    is the blue tooth option worth the extra bucks?
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    If you do you own service I think it is a must to check for and clear codes; also helps with bleeding the brakes and testing components

    Mine is not a BT model, never used one but if you are going to use it in your shop and not on the road I don't see where it is necessary. I always print my log afterwards, not sure how that works via BT, maybe someone can address it.

    If you have a couple buddies perhaps you want to share the device and cost, I didn't look at it as a $300 expense but rather a tool that will save money while I am using it. If I ever quit riding BMW's I can recoup a few bucks back by selling it in the FM....

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    The gs911 helped me diagnose a sluggish clutch switch. I was glad I had the BT version when my bike quite running while I was on a trip and I used my phone and the gs911 to find out th. fuel pump controller was toast. I has saved me more than it cost.
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    The GS-911 is a very powerful tool. In addition to reading and clearing error codes, you can read and monitor all of the engine's sensors and make many tests and adjustments. How much of that you do is up to you. On the R1150 you can get a wealth of data, and on the R1200, even more.

    When you eventually have a subtle problem, you can datalog values to what's called a CSV file that allows the data to be imported into Microsoft Excel, from there you can plot what's going on. As an example, here's my bike's cold start sequence. The AFR data is added from my Innovate Motorports LC-1 Wideband O2 sensor. The two products, GS-911 and LC-1 make a powerful diagnostic pair.


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