Good morning. It is time for me to make my bi Annual Motorcycle purchase.

My Past 7 years of bikes:
2006 Honda CBR 600RR
2006 BMW K1200R
2009 Yamaha R1
2009 Triumph Speed Triple

Prior to the CBR, I have nothing amazing to report, dirt bikes, some very old BMW's etc.

Of the bikes listed above, the R1 was the worst, and I liked the others equally. Speed Triple was a lot of fun, but lacked things the K1200R had, K1200R was a little too heavy, CBR was amazing all around, but just didnt quite have the low end that I wanted.

This time around I am looking for a bike that I could ride on the occasional road trip, but would be ridden primarily to work (60 mile round trip) 3-4 days a week, and weekends. Probably will rarely see the track. I have ridden a modified s1000rr, and really enjoyed it, but only road a few miles, nothing major. I have a few questions for you owners and maybe that will help me decide.

1. Why are they not holding value well? I have seen a few 2010's with low miles and all of the add ons for just over $10k
2. Rumors for refresh soon? I dug and dug, but nothing really solid supports a refresh. It seems like BMW likes to keep body styles for years as well.
3.Do any of you travel at all on your bike? I read the guy's story that went from texas to Baja and back, but maybe he was just a trooper. How comfortable are these for more than a few miles?
4.Riding 2 up? My wife hates riding on motorcycles, so I don't know that this is a huge issue, but I am curious if many or any of you ride with a passenger from time to time?
5. Issues?

The other bikes I am considering are completely unrelated. If I get a super sport bike, this is the bike I want.

The other considerations are:
1.2012 Triumph Speed Triple R
3.Ducati Hypermotard
4.Ducati Streetfighter

Thanks for reading my wall of text. I appreciate any input.