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    Looking into S1000RR Used

    Good morning. It is time for me to make my bi Annual Motorcycle purchase.

    My Past 7 years of bikes:
    2006 Honda CBR 600RR
    2006 BMW K1200R
    2009 Yamaha R1
    2009 Triumph Speed Triple

    Prior to the CBR, I have nothing amazing to report, dirt bikes, some very old BMW's etc.

    Of the bikes listed above, the R1 was the worst, and I liked the others equally. Speed Triple was a lot of fun, but lacked things the K1200R had, K1200R was a little too heavy, CBR was amazing all around, but just didnt quite have the low end that I wanted.

    This time around I am looking for a bike that I could ride on the occasional road trip, but would be ridden primarily to work (60 mile round trip) 3-4 days a week, and weekends. Probably will rarely see the track. I have ridden a modified s1000rr, and really enjoyed it, but only road a few miles, nothing major. I have a few questions for you owners and maybe that will help me decide.

    1. Why are they not holding value well? I have seen a few 2010's with low miles and all of the add ons for just over $10k
    2. Rumors for refresh soon? I dug and dug, but nothing really solid supports a refresh. It seems like BMW likes to keep body styles for years as well.
    3.Do any of you travel at all on your bike? I read the guy's story that went from texas to Baja and back, but maybe he was just a trooper. How comfortable are these for more than a few miles?
    4.Riding 2 up? My wife hates riding on motorcycles, so I don't know that this is a huge issue, but I am curious if many or any of you ride with a passenger from time to time?
    5. Issues?

    The other bikes I am considering are completely unrelated. If I get a super sport bike, this is the bike I want.

    The other considerations are:
    1.2012 Triumph Speed Triple R
    3.Ducati Hypermotard
    4.Ducati Streetfighter

    Thanks for reading my wall of text. I appreciate any input.

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    Sorry you haven't received an answer, but I'll give you my thoughts on your question.

    It's your bike, buy it and if you don't like it, sell it. Only you (and your pillion rider) can answer those questions you posed. I do not have a S1000RR, but a Daytona 675. I've used the 675 for local commuting, did a long-distance ride to some canyon roads, and now it sits on stands between trackdays. These trackdays are now averaging over a year apart. I found the bike fun o the street, but not too much useful in a commuting or touring environment. Much better on the track, and a lot more fun than on the street. But this means the total number of trackbikes in the garage are 3, so it's hard to find time (and $$$) to pursue more trackdays to keep the bike exercised.

    For commuting, I found our Z1000 much better with soft bags on it, but the ultimate bike has been a R1200GS; which if I had to have one bike, that would be it.

    Good luck with your choice!

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    Thank you for the great response.

    I have had a bit of a gap between my last post and now. I have read a lot and am actually down to two bikes.

    2012 S1000RR and 2010 Ducati Street Fighter 1098 (non s).

    Here are the reasons I am leaning towards these bikes:

    BMW S1000RR
    -New with warranty
    -No Previous mishandling/ abuse
    -Love the styling, fell in love with the bike since before it existed
    -pretty comfortable for a ss, especially when compared to the 999 I rode and my R1.
    -Electronic bits
    -Nice power band for around town. Power is up top if I want it.
    -Price is higher
    -Insurance is higher
    -Plastics look old as soon as the new model comes out/ dates the bike

    -a little more up right seating position
    -Great sounding/ unique
    -Good Resale value
    -Great naked look
    -Same power (basically) as the 1098, but in more of an urban form
    -A little more ground clearance (I do end up in gravel and dirt from time to time)
    -Less Expensive

    -No Warranty
    -Previously ridden/ owned
    -Older bike (already replaced by the S model)
    -I have read that it is a lot more wheelie happy than the s1000rr
    -I haven't ridden the streetfighter yet, but I am going to ride it in the morning.

    I was nervous to consider a ducati for the shear cost of upkeep, but I have researched a lot including calling both dealerships to find out about service intervals, costs for belts, etc and I don't think that the cost of ownership really is different enough between the two bikes to sway me towards one bike or the other.

    So these are the final contenders:

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    Dang, that's a hard choice to have. Maybe you should just get two; the economy really needs the help in the retail sector right now.

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    Well I went for the SF.

    When it came down to it, I liked both bikes A LOT. Both were fun to ride, both would get me to work and on the occasional distance trip. I decided on the SF strictly because it was local where the S1000rr in the color I wanted was not local. I will probably pick up an s1000rr when the next model comes out though. When it comes down to it I am more of a bmw guy and I am realizing that more and more now that I bought a ducati.

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    Congrats! It's interesting how a manufacturer's vision, fits certain people. Happy riding!

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