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Thread: RT Stereo Ok But.......

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    RT Stereo Ok But.......

    Just getting started to set up my 2013 R1200RT and need advice. The music is ok using the speakers up to about 60 but I like to listen to NPR and that gets wiped out even at lower speeds. I have a C3 helmet and use foam ear plugs (already have enough hearing damage from 2.5 yrs on USN aircraft carriers, shooting and 35 yrs as a volunteer fireman and it's sirens).

    I'm looking at picking up a SENA headset but even that does not pair well with the BMW BT. What would all your experiences suggest I do to pick up decent FM radio (talk and music) and pairing it with my C3 helmet? I use the bike daily to work and am looking forward to long trips.

    Thank you in advance.

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    My Sena pair alright, but the speakers provided by Sena are definately throwbacks to the 80s. Really tinny sound quality and no base. They do carry voice well when using the intercom however. They don't sound much better when paired to my bluetooth MP3 player. There is no doubt after pairing to several other different devices, that although the overall sound quality of the Senas is not so hot, the software driving the RT radio is the primary cause of the overall poor sound when paired to the bike.
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    I have the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth headset and have no trouble pairing it with the BMW audio system. Audio quality on the Sena is on par with the BMW Communicator headset with the slight nod going to the BMW for audio quality. If you have hearing issues and/or want better quality audio, and you ride solo(although Sena has a solution if you don't), you're gonna want the Sena SMH-A0304 earbud kit along with a set of "S" headphones in a set of custom earmolds. This gives the best of both worlds. High quality audio and custom earplugs. You'll want to tell them to set you up with the 18" cord for the speakers so it's not catching on your jacket collar and yanking on your ears every time you turn your head. If I had it to do over again, I would have asked her to filter the earplugs allowing a little more background audio in to the ear.

    Regarding radio quality. If you're listening to NPR through the dash speakers that's going to be very difficult. Even in your car to get clear understanding of talk radio you have to raise the volume a bit. In the motorcycle environment that only makes the situation works. Even still, you might wanna try setting loudness to on and turning bass/treble up as high as you can to gain a little more volume. You won't get much but every little bit helps.

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    I have had the SRC but then I got the BMW system. The BMW system works the best. I should have waited and got the BMW helmet with the audio system built into it.

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    Like you my hearing has taken a beating after years of shooting and being around airplanes.

    On my 2013 RT I took the unused connector located near the steering head that is used for the rear speakers and replaced it with a 3.5mm female audio jack. Once you make the selection "line on" and adjust the fade to the rear (reference the audio instruction book that came with your bike) you can use wired buds. I use the S plugs that are essentially ear plugs wired for sound and I can comfortably hear music and talk radio at 2 or 3 level.

    I can't say enough about the S plugs, they are the best. I use them all the time, like when doing yard work, traveling, or any noisy environment.

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    Nothing to add about pairing the Sena with the RT, but as far as the Sena speakers I can shed some light. Yes, they are tinny sounding, but have very good volume. I find that using them with foam earplugs helps the sound immensely. The tinniness goes away because the earplugs block some of the highs. And they have enough volume that you can still hear them with the plugs in.
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    The Communicator from BMW pairs fine, of course, and all I listen to is Sirius Channel 5 and maybe the NAV IV and I do it with earplugs and all is well. I'm embarassed my bike has speakers but they were handy to use getting Sirius set up.
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