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Thread: Itchy helmet while riding

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    Cool Itchy helmet while riding

    After a couple of hours riding, my wife starts suffering from uncomfortably itchy head/hair. We have tried a couple kinds of helmets (all full-face, but with different padding kinds) and different kinds of head wraps - the stretchy kind, a silk scarf, etc. Have not yet tried one of those sweat-wicking skull caps sold for other sports, but the problem does not seem to be sweaty / heat related; still happens riding in 50-degree F. weather. Any suggestions?
    James D. "Jim" Howard

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    I would (respectfully!) suggest she try a different shampoo, and different conditioner if she uses one.
    David Brick
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    I had this problem, helmet on and off. I use this jojoba oil (about a teaspoon) rubbed into my scalp twice a day. It has helped a lot as I have a very dry flaky scalp.
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    Itchy Scalp

    I would also think that a helmet with improved air flow would help. I suspect that her scalp is perspiring and there isn't enough cool air to draw away the moisture. I understand that the new Schuberth C3 Pro is like an industrial vacuum cleaner with all vents open.


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    I have a well used Shoei full face helmet that fits and has served me well. The liner is not removable to be washed. I have tried cleaning it several times and that helped a little.

    After a 6,000 mile trip in hot weather where the itch was driving me crazy, my daughter suggested trying Febreze Allergen Reducer spray. It worked better than I expected. I spray it after really hot rides or when the itch problem starts up again. I spray it when done riding and it is dry by morning.

    The allergen reducer version has a very light fragrance that goes away quickly. It it had a strong smell I simply would not use it.
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    Any local cop shop should have a spray-type cleaner/deodorizer/disinfectant intended for use on body armor. It works well for helmet interiors and has eliminated the itchiness for a couple of friends.

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    I'll be the contrary one and suggest that the itch is probably caused by vibration. Whether it is from the motorcycle or the air flow I can only guess.

    I would suggest an experiment. Ride a while, and at the first sign of itch have her put her hand on either the side or the top of the helmet to damp the little vibrations and see if the itch does or does not go away.

    If it does go away when she damps the vibrations, she needs a snugger fitting helmet.
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    use a Head Skin

    Use a headskin. "Silky" works will for me. My Wife makes her own out of cotton. Harold in Kansas
    Harold In Rapid City, SD
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    Funny Story

    I was south of Sudbury with a friend a few years back and we stopped at a conservation area for a coffee,
    as in pull out the stove and start brewing kinda setup.

    Anyhow...a local pulls up in his rusted out F150 and starts checking out our bikes. Has an old Triumph
    at home, yadda yadda. As we finish our cup and start packing up, I put on my silk doo rag (which
    stopped my head itches BTW) and he comments that he uses something similar, gets his from the

    ... and the funny bit. Dude reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of panties (XL, she must
    be ruebenesque) and pulls them over his head!! Says ya gotta get the leg holes to the sides
    for best fit!!!

    You meet the strangest people sometimes...I shoulda got a picture of these guy with the wife's
    knickers on his head. Priceless...
    Gerald P
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoboRider View Post
    I had this problem, helmet on and off. I use this jojoba oil (about a teaspoon) rubbed into my scalp twice a day. It has helped a lot as I have a very dry flaky scalp.
    I tried the oil as a winter shampoo & it works. Health food stores have it.
    PG nailed it on the itch, IMO too. Mine will often itch after my traditionally short hair is just cut , as the helmet liner sort of pushes against the stubs of hair. Scratch it, as they say.
    I've got a tick bite that "enjoys" such attention right now!
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